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By AI Vishal

(Warning: This article contains major plot points and spoilers of Money Heist / La Casa De Papel series till season 3. Viewer discretion is advised)

The new season of Money Heist airs on the 3rd of April on Netflix. Ahead of the new season, we sum up the six top characters who the people in the cult series’ universe have come to love and characterize. 

The Professor / Salvatore / Sergio Marquina (Alvaro Morte)

The visionary behind this embezzlement extravaganza and the leader of the heist. A man possessing exceptional intelligence in negotiation tactics, police strategy, weaponry, law enforcement, hostage crisis aversion, forgery, theft and bank robberies, The Professor is the ringleader of the whole plot and for once doesn’t seem out of place despite his plain face, and rather seems ahead of the game at most places.

The Kingmaker of the team, he gives them their roles and allots each one of them their identities (set as city names) and sets the plan into place. He proves to be the man with the plan for every occasion from A to Z as Alcatraz (faking an escape), Chernobyl (using big balloon to spread money), Plan B Mask (changing their mask), Valencia (wasting police time), and Cameroon (gain public sympathy) (more city names, like why?)

Despite the flaws and shortcomings in the plan initially, he and his team manage to pull off the massive heist. And at the end of season 3 eventually, we see that the Professor and Lisbon's plan to trick the police by running into a forest doesn't work for the first time.

Berlin / Andrés de Follonosa (Pedro Alonso)

Berlin (capital of Germany) is the main proponent of charge in the operation inside the mint, kind of the field specialist for the Professor. Berlin makes the decisions and sticks by it. (What’s funny is the time that he refused democracy as a privilege because everybody was against it, but nevertheless went with that decision, and the time he used democracy to defend in favour of his cause.)

The half-brother of The Professor and second-in-command, the whole heist plot is actually Berlin’s master-plan in the first place. The man who has his name after the premier city of Germany shows his true allegiance to his character by often referencing the German struggle during the autocratic time of Hitler by throwing terms surrounding “concentration camps and violence.” Berlin was a person who stood true to his character and his principles both individually and for the team that made a very likeable leader atleast for the viewers. Even though he did completely screw up Ariadna’s life (One of the hostages), he did sacrifice himself to save the other heist men and women.

Tokyo / Silene Oliveira (Ursula Corbero)

The narrator of the creation, Tokyo who is bold, smart and unpredictable was a runaway robber until scouted by the Professor to participate in his plan and also this is evident from the fact that she was one of the very first people he recruited for his mission.

Despite not being well-mannered, The Professor likes her. In her narration, Tokyo spoke of her genuine interest for The Professor, mainly down to deciphering his cryptic and mysterious nature.

Never the peacekeeper, her intentions almost always spelt trouble with the Japanese capital (seriously!) also trying to rat out Berlin to the authorities which the latter discovered somehow. Her sense of abandonment for the process always led to dead-ends but her effectiveness and improvisation keeps her afloat and more than makes up for the mishaps.

Nairobi / Ágata Jiménez (Alba Flores)

Nairobi, Kenya’s capital which is the country’s main financial and cultural centre and here the name is designated to the lady who plays as the burglar and forgery expert who is responsible for producing the money during the operation. Nairobi specializes at making counterfeits, therefore she manages the bill printing just to see what's fake and what's authentic. But she’s also extremely affable and likeable as she blends it well with her funny and sensitive sides amidst also showing genuine concern and compassion for her hostages. Since her job focuses on staying in the mint vault, Nairobi tends to be outside of the majority of the drama though she does her job with a passion.

Racquel Murillo / Lisbon (Itziar Ituño):

Raquel, inspector of the National Police Corps who is put in charge of the case before ultimately befriending the other side of the duel. Raquel has been The Professor’s stooge in the police force since day one. Befriending her as Salva, he convinces and influences her to be for him and help the gang out in the times of need and eventually to which she complies. She eventually found out Salva’s true identity but by that time, she’s taken off the case after the Interpol suspects her of ratting out information. It is comprehensible to understand Denver and Monica’s relationship, but Raquel must’ve been out of her mind to throw away everything for love and that too for the Professor.

Palermo (Rodrigo de la Serna)

After Berlin’s death, The Professor needed a new second-in-command, in comes another man and another city, and this time it’s Palermo - the capital of the state of Sicily in Italy. As one of the criminal masterminds, Palermo is the new flamboyant revolutionary leader in season 3. A man who places friendship and loyalty at a premium and follows it to the core, Palermo’s emotional weight carries him through to take up the mantle from Berlin to lead the troupe post the death of his very close friend.

Palermo and the Professor always enjoyed a frosty relationship due to the former’s intransigence towards denying the fact that the Professor bailed out on Berlin which led to his death and the final scene in season 3 beautifully sums up their relationship and drives home the entire notion of the moment. The Professor replies at Palermo as saying “this is no more a heist or taking down the system. This is a war, act accordingly. Palermo just replies, “Sir, it’s been an honor to serve with you.” 

That defines Palermo and his loyalty to the mission and to his good, old, dead friend Berlin. He lives with the pain but works ahead to bring his dear friends’ vision to fruition. 

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